Sanctions Assistance

Has your organisation hit a hurdle and been issued with a sanctions notice by the Department of Health?

We offer a comprehensive administrator and advisor package that meets the requirement of commonwealth sanctions and will put you on the path to success. We can cover sanctions that require an Administrator, an Advisor or both.

Our sanctions package includes the full resources of our team dedicated to your service and unlike many other consultants we:

  • Don't take on multiple sanctions at one time

  • Don't just focus on the identified areas for improvement, we take a holistic view of the business and help you fix everything

  • Don't adopt a band aid approach - we aim to fix the problem and provide a sustainable solution to avoid future non-compliance

  • Are hands on and will physically assist your staff to manage and deliver care and services

  • Can provide you with full coverage of ALL standards

  • Can provide advice on in house and outsourced operational options

  • Have a comprehensive support network available to us including nurse practitioners, training specialists, continence specialists, wound care specialists, relief managers and senior clinical staff.

  • Can offer considerable cost savings on consumables and equipment through our supply partner arrangements