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CALD Services

We have extensive experience in providing care for people from Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Communities having previously assisted the:


  • Hungarian Community 

  • Croatian Community 

  • German Community 

  • Cambodian Community

  • Indian Community

  • Sri Lankan Community

  • Turkish Muslim Community

We also have contacts and provide assistance and support across South East Asia  and have recently started planning an expansion project into the United Kingdom to assist culturally specific providers of aged care..

We understand that providing quality care to people with different cultural, religious and language backgrounds requires flexibility, an appreciation for different cultures, religions and language needs and a practical knowledge of aged care accreditation and regulatory compliance requirements.

Our philosophy is that every resident is an individual, with their own specific beliefs, expectations and wants and these must be respected.

If you operate a CALD organisation and need assistance with quality, compliance or accreditation, or looking to commence a CALD aged care service, call the aged care CALD experts.

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